This company just raised $300 million by empathizing with humans through AI

Written by
Taiwo Oluwole

In the rapid development of AI technology, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has become a new focus. the EVI (EmpatHic Voice Interface) launched by Hume AI is precisely a product that has made a breakthrough in the field of emotional recognition. Through pure voice interaction, this AI not only understands the content of the user's words, but also provides insight into the emotional changes behind them, providing users with a more in-depth and personalized communication experience.


Innovation in Emotion Recognition

The core of EVI's technology lies in its in-depth analysis of human emotions. It recognizes 53 different emotional states by analyzing subtle changes in speech - such as intonation, rhythm, pauses and onomatopoeia. The application of this technology enables EVI to capture the linguistic characteristics of users in different emotions, thus providing more accurate feedback.

Strong financial support and professional team

Although Hume AI was founded only three years ago, the company has already completed two rounds of financing totaling 450 million RMB. Alan Cowen, the company's CEO, was a key member of Google's DeepMind team, and he leads a team that focuses on the research of emotional computing and is committed to making EVI the world's first conversational AI with emotional intelligence.


Comprehensive enhancement of user experience

The demo version of EVI has been made public, allowing users to engage in in-depth voice conversations with the AI through a simple interface.EVI not only transcribes conversations in real time, but also provides emotional analysis, making communication more vivid and realistic. Its responses are not only accurate, but also full of subtle expressions of emotion, making users feel as if they are talking to a real person.

Application Prospects and Ethical Responsibility

EVI has a promising future, especially in the fields of psychotherapy and customer service, etc. Hume AI not only focuses on technological innovation, but also emphasizes ethical and social responsibility. The company clearly states that the application of EVI should be dedicated to enhancing human happiness and avoiding any form of manipulation and deception.


The emergence of EVI marks an important step for AI in the field of emotional intelligence. With the continuous progress of technology, we have reason to believe that the future AI will be closer to human beings and know more about the human heart.Hume AI Company will continue to plumb the depths of this field, and continue to push forward the development of emotional intelligence technology, so as to bring a richer and deeper communication experience for human beings.