Why is 'AI Short Drama Going Global' So Captivating, While Massively Saving Costs?

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adrain stone

According to data recently released by the American digital analytics platform Sensor Tower, since the beginning of 2023, more than 40 short drama apps have ventured into overseas markets, accumulating nearly 55 million downloads and in-app purchase revenues reaching 170 million US dollars.



The plot is down-to-earth, the pace is exhilarating, and the visuals are thrilling.What went wildly popular overseas in 2024? The ‘Bossy CEOs’ trope and super-hot short dramas must be on the list.


Short dramas + AI that went viral overseas have leveraged a market worth tens of billions.

Leveraging AI technology, Chinese ‘fresh-faced boys’are transformed into hunky European and American men. Not only do their faces and expressions change, but their language is also translated from Chinese into various localized languages.


Furthermore, with the domestic short drama market via mini-programs overheating, practitioners are turning their attention to overseas markets. Firstly, the probability of a hit is higher overseas than domestically; secondly, the imaginative space for going global is broader, with differences in themes, willingness to pay, and market potential.


AI technology allows the production of videos that would take months to shoot and produce to be completed in a matter of minutes. This time-saving, high-yield model excites countless short drama practitioners.


For instance, leading short drama companies going overseas, such as Yisou Short Drama and Benjie Short Drama, tend to demand AI video creation platforms that specialize in AI face-swapping, 1:1 precise translation and replication, as well as the use of domestic short drama raw footage for intelligent batch mixing. These are then distributed on overseas media platforms like TikTok.


About VIdAU platform

Xiantiao Technology's AI video creation platform, VidAU, is designed to address the specific challenges faced by enterprises that export short dramas internationally. The platform caters to professional services for these short drama exporting platforms as well as cross-border e-commerce businesses, with a focus on cost reduction and efficiency improvement. The core features of VidAU encompass solutions for:

1. Intellectual property (IP) owners within the domestic market who possess hundreds of drama copyrights but struggle with the high costs and inefficiencies of creating versions suitable for international markets.

2. The need for more sophisticated localization beyond the limited capabilities of basic AI translation to achieve nuanced and locally relevant content.

3. The demand for more efficient video creation tools and effective distribution channels for targeted international audience engagement.

VidAU aims to streamline these processes and enhance the capabilities of content creators and marketers in reaching global audiences more effectively and at a lower cost.

Exclusive Algorithm Integration for AI Character Face-Swapping

- One-stop Translation, Subtitling, and Dubbing

- Independently Developed Algorithm for Bulk Video Mashup

- One-click AI-Generated Text-to-Image and Image-to-Image Creation

In addition, leveraging AI technology to empower the innovative capabilities of its products, VidAU has been honored with awards such as ‘2023 CHINA AIGC 100,’and‘2023 UNIQUE RESEARCH,’and‘2023 DARK HORSE AI INNOVATION COMPETITION TOP 30.’


AI Face-Swapping:

Instantaneous Mastery of ‘Changing Faces’ In the realm of AI face-swapping, VidAU possesses a wealth of AI visual representation technologies, capable of perfectly fitting facial contours, and even capturing changes in expressions. It efficiently transforms Chinese facial features into Western ones, transitioning from 0 to 1 with ease.

AI Voice Translation:

Meeting the Needs of 100+ Languages Translation In the field of AI voice translation, AI is capable of automatically translating multiple languages, cloning character timbres, and creating multi-emotional video and audio content. This can be utilized for audio diversification, fulfilling various voice translation needs for short dramas in the international market.


AI Subtitle Translation: Catering to Localization Needs

In the field of AI voice translation, AI is capable of automatically translating multiple languages, cloning character tones, and creating multi-emotional video and audio.


AI subtitle translation functions convert and translate subtitles based on the speech in movies or videos, reducing the workload for users in translation and subtitle synthesis. This enables efficient, barrier-free language conversion for short dramas, greatly satisfying the localization needs of short drama enterprises expanding overseas.

In addition to the display of the main features mentioned above, VidAU's new features, such as AI-generated videos and brand advertisement video production, are in beta testing.

As the overseas expansion of short dramas flourishes and we enter the era of AI Video 2.0, Xiantiao Technology, together with VidAU, will continue to lead the pace of innovation. This will further enhance the quality and efficiency by achieving deep AI integration in content generation and audio-video editing. Gradually, this will lower the barriers to video creation and unleash creative productivity, thereby assisting global enterprises in exploring new opportunities for international growth.