Vidu: China's Innovative Leap in AI Video Generation Rivals Sora's Capabilities

Written by
Taiwo Oluwole

The Global AI Video Generation Landscape Gets a New Player

In the ever-evolving domain of artificial intelligence, China's Shengshu Technology, in collaboration with Tsinghua University, has introduced Vidu—a long-duration, high-consistency, and high-dynamic AI video generation model that's capturing international attention. Unveiled at the 2024 Zhongguancun Forum, Vidu is making a statement in the global AI video generation space, offering capabilities that rival those of the renowned Sora model.

Vidu: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Vidu's ability to generate 16-second, 1080P resolution videos with high consistency and dynamic range has placed it in direct comparison with Sora, which is known for its impressive 60-second video generation. While Vidu's current video length may not match Sora's, its performance in terms of detail and realism has sparked a global conversation about the future of AI-generated content.

We took some images from the videos generated by each of both, in the end what are the highlights, let's take a look.

Classic model walking scene

A moving SUV

People's eyes close-up

Television collection


The ship and the Sea


The Technical Prowess Behind Vidu

Vidu's advancements are the culmination of Shengshu's extensive experience in Bayesian machine learning and multimodal large models. Its core technology, the U-ViT architecture, was proposed before Sora's DiT architecture, marking it as an early innovator in the fusion of Diffusion and Transformer models.

Vidu's Competitive Edge in the International Market

Shengshu Technology's vision extends beyond being labeled as "China's Sora." The company's aspirations are global, aiming to offer a unique value proposition in the international AI video generation market. Vidu's continuous iteration and improvement, coupled with its flexible model architecture, signal a commitment to innovation and versatility.

The Future of AI Video Generation with Vidu

As Vidu continues to enhance its capabilities, it stands as a testament to China's growing influence in the global AI industry. With a focus on multimodal compatibility and continuous technological advancements, Vidu is poised to offer creators worldwide a new avenue for bringing their visions to life.