AI Video Creation: Meet VidAU, the AI-Powered Editor Changing the Game

Written by
Taiwo Oluwole

Since February 2024, making videos with AI has become super popular. OpenAI launched Sora, a new AI model for making videos, and people are really excited about it. But the interest in AI video-making hasn't slowed down; if anything, it's getting even bigger.

In this world of new ideas and technology, one standout is a new tool called VidAU by a cool tech company called Line Technology. This tool is a big deal because it lets people make videos using text in a whole new way. Instead of just making basic videos, VidAU lets you put in text and then tweak lots of things about the video, making Line Technology a leader in this field.

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In the bigger picture, big companies all over the world are looking into using AI for real-life stuff. While some tools like Sora are still being tested and others like Pika and Runway are starting with basic models, VidAU is already out there being used for real things like making videos.

What Sets VidAU Apart

VidAU stands out by utilising smart technology to make video editing easy. You just put in your ideas or scripts, and boom, you've got a cool video. What's really cool is that you can break down the video into different parts like voices, music, and subtitles, and then change them however you want.


Breakthrough Advantages of VidAU

1. Personalised Free Editing: With VidAU, you can change every part of your video however you like, letting you get super creative.

2. Real-time Creation Optimisation: You can tweak your video as you go, making the process quicker and easier.

3. Cost and Time Efficiency: VidAU does a lot of the work for you, so you can make videos faster and cheaper.

4. Ease of Use: VidAU is really easy to use, so anyone can make awesome videos, no matter their skill level.

Compared to Sora, VidAU is a big step forward because it gives users more freedom to edit and change things in real time. This makes it more fun and flexible for video content creators, catering to the diverse creative needs of each user.

Implications of VidAU's Progress

1. Faster and Cheaper Videos: VidAU could change how companies make ads by making the process faster and cheaper.

2. More Cool Videos: VidAU makes it easy to make all kinds of videos, which could lead to more interesting and creative content.

3. Making Plays and Stories into Videos: VidAU could make it easier to turn short plays and stories into videos, which could mean more cool stuff to watch.

4. Anyone Can Be a Creator: VidAU's easy-to-use tools mean anyone can make awesome videos, which could lead to more unique and interesting content.

User Experience and Future Plans

The VidAU team has been listening to feedback and doing research to make their tool even better. They're planning to add more features, like templates for different industries, and they want to build a community of video creators to share ideas and tips. Overall, they're committed to making video-making easier and more fun for everyone.