VidAU.AI's Batch Mode: Ecommerce Product Video Maker

Written by
Taiwo Oluwole

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, VidAU.AI is pioneering a new era of video advertisement creation with our innovative Batch Mode feature. This AI-powered solution is designed to empower marketers with a data-driven approach to crafting compelling video ads, ensuring optimal targeting and maximizing ROI.

The Imperative of Testing Multiple Ad Creatives

Industry experts concur: to achieve peak performance, a minimum of 10 ad variations should be tested per campaign. This strategy allows for the fine-tuning of creative elements, messaging, and targeting, thereby revealing the campaign's full potential and identifying the most effective ads for scaling. VidAU.AI's Batch Mode addresses the traditional challenges of resource-intensive ad production, enabling marketers to test a multitude of creatives swiftly and efficiently.

Introducing VidAU.AI's Batch Mode

Batch Mode is a groundbreaking tool that harnesses the power of AI to streamline the creation of multiple video ad variations. This feature allows marketers to generate a wide array of tailored video ads in mere minutes, bypassing the time and resource constraints of conventional ad production methods.

How Batch Mode Works

  1. URL Integration: Begin by inputting the URL of the product or service you wish to promote. Our tool extracts pertinent information and assets from the URL to craft impactful marketing scripts.
  2. Ad Script Selection: Choose from a plethora of AI-generated ad scripts or contribute your own. Batch Mode facilitates the selection of multiple scripts, allowing for the testing of varied messaging and narrative styles.
  3. Visual Style Customization: Select from a vast library of visual templates that align with your brand and campaign goals. Incorporate multiple AI Avatars to create a diverse cast of characters that resonate with your audience.
  4. Rendering and Deployment: With ad previews approved, render your video ads and launch your marketing campaign with confidence.

Scaling Campaigns with VidAU.AI's Batch Mode

Batch Mode empowers marketers to generate a multitude of video ad creatives for each product or service, fostering a truly data-driven advertising strategy. By consistently testing various creative ideas, marketers can pinpoint the most impactful ads and scale their campaigns effectively. This iterative cycle of testing, learning, and optimizing is pivotal for sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Batch Mode for Power Marketers

VidAU.AI's Batch Mode is a professional feature tailored for marketers launching multiple products or services. It is invaluable for data-driven professionals who recognize the significance of ad creative testing, data collection, and continual messaging refinement. Whether you're a performance marketer, e-commerce entrepreneur, or digital agency, our AI advertisement generator is your ally in unlocking the full potential of your video ad campaigns.


In the competitive digital landscape, a data-driven approach to video ad creation is indispensable for success. VidAU.AI's Batch Mode ad generator equips marketers with the capability to create multiple ad variations at scale, facilitating unprecedented levels of testing, learning, and optimization. Embrace this powerful URL-to-video tool and elevate your video advertising to new heights.

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