How VidAU.AI Help You Make Youtube Product Marketing Video?

Written by
Taiwo Oluwole

With the growth of digital marketing, video advertising has become an integral part of branding. As the world's largest online video platform, YouTube's importance cannot be overstated. To stand out on YouTube, brands need to produce high-quality marketing videos efficiently. VidAU.AI's new feature, URL to Video, offers an innovative solution for this. Not only does this feature quickly generate high-quality videos, but it also significantly reduces production costs and time.

Introduction to the URL to Video feature

VidAU.AI's URL to Video feature allows users to automatically generate marketing videos simply by entering a product link or product description. Through the AI video copywriting generation model trained on a large number of high-quality video scripts, VidAU.AI can provide various types of grass planting videos, support more than 20 vivid digital human images and more than 20 language timbres. Here are a few of the core benefits of this feature:

1. Fast and efficient batch video generation

The traditional video production process is cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring multiple steps such as scripting, storyboarding, material collection, and video editing. VidAU.AI's URL to Video feature can simplify these steps to automatically generate a video after entering a URL or product description, and it only takes ten minutes to complete the production of a short marketing video. If you need to make 10 videos, you can do it in half a day with VidAU.AI, while the traditional way can take a week.

2. Reduce video production costs

The high cost of video production is a pain point faced by many businesses. VidAU.AI significantly reduces production costs by automating video generation. No longer need to rely on external video producers or creators, enterprises can scale up video production with limited budgets, saving a lot of labor and time costs.

3. Multi-language support and localization

With the growing demand for cross-border and cross-language marketing, VidAU.AI support for multi-language voices can help companies produce localized video content that meets the needs of different markets. With automatic translation and localization, businesses can easily create videos that are suitable for each regional market, which can improve marketing effectiveness.

4. Data-driven, high-converting video production

VidAU.AI is more than just a video generation tool, it optimizes video content based on data analytics. Through the study and analysis of a large number of high-converting videos, AI is able to generate more engaging and converting video scripts and storyboards. Businesses no longer have to worry about how to write scripts that work well, and AI automatically generates high-quality content based on best practices.

5. Unified release and management

VidAU.AI also provides the ability to publish and manage videos in a unified manner. Businesses can centrally manage all their marketing videos through a single platform, making it easy and quick to publish and update. In addition, the platform also provides video effect data analysis to help enterprises understand the performance and effect of videos and adjust marketing strategies in a timely manner.

How to Enhance YouTube Video Marketing Using VidAU.AI's URL to Video Feature

1. Quickly Generate and Publish New Product Promotion Videos

When launching new products, generating high-quality promotional videos quickly is crucial. With VidAU.AI's URL to Video feature, businesses can immediately input a product link, and the AI will automatically extract product information to generate an engaging marketing video. These videos can be published on YouTube the same day the product is launched, synchronizing with market demands. Here’s how:

1. Input Product URL: Enter the new product webpage link on the VidAU.AI platform.

2. Select Video Style and Language: Choose the appropriate marketing video style and language for the product.

3. Auto-Generate Video: The AI will automatically generate the video, including script, storyboard, and editing.

4. Publish on YouTube: Directly upload the generated video to the company’s YouTube channel, using YouTube’s publishing tools to optimize the title, tags, and description to enhance searchability and recommendations.

2. Utilize Multilingual Capabilities for International Marketing

For multinational companies, multilingual videos are key to penetrating different markets. VidAU.AI supports various languages and voice tones, helping businesses create multilingual versions of marketing videos. Here’s how:

1. Input Product URL or Description: Enter the product link or detailed description on the VidAU.AI platform.

2. Select Target Market Languages: Choose the target market languages and voice tones, and the AI will automatically handle translation and localization.

3. Generate Multilingual Videos: The AI generates videos tailored to the local market, including localized scripts and voices.

4. Publish on Regional YouTube Channels: Upload the multilingual videos to the company’s YouTube channel, optimizing video settings for different regions, such as using localized keywords and descriptions.

3. Create and Test Multiple Video Versions to Optimize Conversion Rates

By A/B testing different video versions, businesses can identify the most effective content. VidAU.AI can quickly generate multiple versions of marketing videos for testing. Here’s how:

1. Input Product URL or Description: Enter the product information on the VidAU.AI platform.

2. Generate Different Video Versions: Choose different scripts and styles to generate multiple video versions.

3. Upload to YouTube for Testing: Upload the different versions to YouTube and use advertising features to conduct A/B tests.

4. Analyze Performance Data: Use YouTube analytics to review each version’s performance, including click-through rates, watch time, and conversion rates.

5. Optimize and Select the Best Version: Based on the data analysis, select the best-performing version for focused promotion.

4. Regularly Update Video Content to Maintain Marketing Momentum

Regularly updating video content keeps the audience engaged and the brand dynamic. VidAU.AI can help businesses quickly produce updated video content. Here’s how:

1. Plan Regular Video Content Updates: Determine the video content that needs updating according to the marketing plan.

2. Input New Product or Campaign Information: Enter new product details or marketing campaign information on the VidAU.AI platform.

3. Generate Updated Videos: The AI generates new marketing videos based on the updated information.

4. Upload to YouTube: Upload the updated videos to YouTube, maintaining the channel’s activity and audience engagement.

By following these specific practices, businesses can fully leverage VidAU.AI's URL to Video feature to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their YouTube video marketing.Try VidAU.AI Now!