Efficiency Up
Time Saved
Possible Use CasesChange faces in videos to anyone you like. Free swap face now!
Marketing Video Contents
Localize your marketing videos with a local and user friendly face to catch your global audience.
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Social Media & UGC
Enable video creators create fun and entertaining contents, attracting attention and engagement on social media platforms.
Free Face Swap Now
Movies, TV shows
Provide a more efficient and creative way for extensive makeup, prosthetics, or look-alike actors.
Free Face Swap Now
Multiple Face Swap
Enables you to swap multiple faces for diverse characters within a single video.
Free Face Swap Now
Why choose VidAUVidAU Al Video & Audio Creator, Your Global Wideo Localization Al Power!
Efficiency and SpeedEnjoy a quick and efficientface-sapping process withoutcompromising on quality
Al-Driven InnovationVenefit from advanced artificialintelligence video tool forunmatched results
Natural and Human-likeDelivering captivating andenteraining content withseamlessly natural results
Best Al for VideoSatands out as the leading Altool for face swaps and videocreation

How does VidAU's AI Video Face Swap Tool Work


Upload Original Clip

Begin by uploading the video clip whose character face you want to swap.


Upload New Face Video

Select the video featuring the intended new face for the swap.


Click Generate Video

With just one click, let VidAU.AI works its magic and generates your AI video face-swapped.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use VidAU.AI for face swaps in any video format?

A: Yes, VidAU.AI supports face swaps in various video formats for your convenience.

Q: Is VidAU.AI suitable for beginners?

A: Absolutely! VidAU.AI offers a user-friendly interface, making face swaps accessible for all skill levels.
Try our powerful AI Video Swap face tool!
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